June 2, 2020
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Angry Birds Evolution- Top 10 Cheats You Should Know About

Rovio has returned with yet one more addition to the Angry Birds series of games, and it’s now available for both Android and iOS devices. And while recent titles had sought to supply different mechanics than the physics-based ones that made the first Angry Birds games such big hits, Angry Birds Evolution is decidedly less casual than a number of Rovio’s newer additions to the franchise, like their Match 3 Angry Birds games, as an example . this is often a role-playing game of sorts, where your duty is to return up with a team of “unstoppable” evolved super-birds, and guide these birds as they put a stop to the bad piggies and their evil plans. And since there’s tons of evolution involved during this game, you don’t just get the essential birds from the previous games, but quite 100 new ones, as Rovio claims.

That’s a fast and straightforward summary for this new game, but that, of course, doesn’t tell us the whole story. And you, for one, could also be wondering what you’ll do to master this game and foil the pigs’ plans together with your army of evolved birds. Read on, as we shall be covering as many bases as possible in our Angry Birds Evolution strategy guide. We hope to run the gamut as far as topics go, so be happy to ask our guide any time any of the game’s mechanics won’t make an excessive amount of sense, or may feel a touch too hard to master.


Obviously, you would like to level up your birds to urge them farther within the game, but there are certain techniques that you simply got to follow if you would like to level them up the smart way. Chief among these is to always use birds of an equivalent color when leveling up those you’ve got . Using same-colored birds will always mean more XP, so if you’ve got a choice, always choose same-colored birds when leveling up. But that’s not the sole strategy you ought to follow when trying to smartly level up your birds.

Another good technique to follow would be to specialise in your rarer birds and prioritize them during the leveling-up process. More stars means higher on the rarity tier, even as it’s in the other RPG with such mechanics live . You don’t want to pay much attention to your common, one-star rarity birds; you’ll sacrifice them anyway and use them as fodder for leveling up your rarer ones.


While we’re still on the topic of rarity, we’d also tell you that every new star your birds move abreast of the rarity scale make them substantially more powerful than birds from the last tier. To use a really basic example, two-star rarity birds at level 1 will always be an excellent deal more powerful than one-star birds, even at the very best possible level. As you’ll see, you ought to always be putting a premium on rarity.


In the Angry Birds universe, Red is that the face of the franchise, the acknowledged leader despite his lack of special skills compared to the remainder of his colleagues. But in Angry Birds Evolution, all of the birds within the game have their own Leader abilities, no matter how few or what percentage stars they need . So how are you able to unlock these abilities? this is able to require making it through the campaign levels, and specifically making it to the White Mountains. Once there, you’ll unlock each bird’s Leader Abilities, and have more factors to stay in mind when choosing which birds to incorporate on your team for any given battle.


Once they become available, you ought to make it your very first priority to figure on some scout missions. The catch here is that you simply only have such a lot energy to use in these missions, just three units to spend. And furthermore, it might seem that Rovio is now requiring players to finish scout missions once they’ve been opened — that’s not necessarily the foremost welcome of developments, but it’s what it’s , and that’s even more reason for you to prioritize scout missions if and when available.

While it might are an honest idea to go away those missions unlocked and open for as long as possible, even leaving quite three missions unlocked, which might are fine within the past, that a part of the workaround appears to possess been nerfed; a recent update saw Rovio make the scout missions disappear if left incomplete for a particular amount of your time . But the great thing here is that these missions are quite easy to finish , and therefore the rewards can assist you upgrade your birds faster than normal. you’d even be allowed to rent the rarer and more powerful birds of other players, which could allow you to finish the scout mission faster and with less trouble.


Angry Birds Evolution, like many a RPG, comes with an auto-play feature, which allows you to go away the fighting to the AI, while you only sit back and relax. do you have to use this feature during this game? As we frequently suggest, we might only recommend using auto-play if you’re up against an opponent that’s much weaker than you; just tap on the lower right icon, and you’re liberal to let the sport do all the fighting while you are doing all the relaxing. But if you’re up against an opponent of comparable or better skill, then you ought to become involved within the fight, because the choices AI makes in auto-play are usually the foremost obvious ones, and don’t take under consideration any outside variables that you simply would be ready to adjust for if you were on top of things .

 the way to EARN MORE COINS

When it involves leveling up your birds in Angry Birds Evolution, you’ll need a good amount of coins for that. That’s your common currency, and high leveling-up may require some serious grinding. But there are multiple ways you’ll utilize to earn more coins for your cause.

First of all, you’ll sell birds you not got to earn some easy coins without having to attend . Of course, you’ll need your more common birds to level up the rarer ones, but if you’ve got a surplus of any quite bird, you’ll sell those extra birds and make some quick money. Having spare birds also will allow you to send them off on Timed Adventures, and that’s a second thanks to earn coins during this game that you simply could try for yourself. This entails sending your extra, ostensibly useless birds on super-long missions which will yield some coins within the end. Just be warned, however, that you simply shouldn’t expect much income through this method, even with the while required for completion.

Changing the problem level may be a great way to urge better rewards within the game, which isn’t just limited to coins. But it’s an excellent technique to earn coins faster; just increase your difficulty level before beginning a battle, and you’re set. this feature only becomes available at level 8, once you can change from Normal to Hard difficulty. Once you’re at level 12, you’ll then change to Insane difficulty, which promises even bigger rewards.

While playing the sport , you’ll aim for the pigs at the edges , which might generally be another easy thanks to earn coins quickly. Lastly, you’ve also got some special birds within the game, which reward you with coins in battle. These include the Yellow Bird whose super power gifts you with a bonus coin per enemy hit. Always check out the bird descriptions if you’re unsure which of them offer you coins as a part of their super powers.

a better check out THE BIRD-TRADING MECHANIC

As you’ll have ventured to guess, all the birds in your lineup have their corresponding costs and selling prices in gold, and these prices will always be supported how rare they’re , or how common. One-star birds, meaning the common ones you always use for leveling up rarer ones, are worth 10 gold, two-star birds are worth 20 gold, and so on, then forth. But you wouldn’t want to sell those four- and five-star birds, do you have to have a number of these super-rare birds in your lineup; they’re obviously hard to return by, and you’ll need them as your progress into the harder stages of the game!


We didn’t mention this within the above tip on earning coins as we believe it merits a separate entry. But the Dungeons mode in Angry Birds Evolution is differently to earn coins within the game, albeit one that’s much harder than the ways we told you above. we might recommend not trying the dungeon crawl out until you’ve reached level 15 to twenty , at the very least.

Playing the dungeons at normal difficulty would require that your team have a complete power rating of two ,500, plus five birds of an equivalent color. you’ll also need a minimum of ten dungeon keys if you would like to enter these crawls, or 15 if you’re thinking of auto-battling it call at this mode. (We can’t see why you’d want to try to to that, though.) As dungeon crawling is not any picnic during this game, we might suggest that you simply reach a particular level, may it’s in terms of your in-game level or your skill, before moving forward.


Diamonds are the game’s premium currency, and you’ll need 200 of them to upgrade your inventory and obtain ten more slots. this may matter afterward in Angry Birds Evolution, as you’ll be needing more birds of an equivalent color, counting on the mission. As such, it’s something you’ll got to plan ahead for. So if you’ve earned some diamonds within the game, don’t spend them on anything just yet; save for that inventory upgrade, as it’ll be well worth the premium currency expense.


We’ve told you what you ought to be spending your gems on, but you’ll even be wondering what you’ll do to earn more of them.

First of all, you’ll want to log into the sport a day , even for a couple of quick minutes of gameplay, or maybe a couple of seconds, just to form sure you’re logged certain the day. Not all of your daily login rewards will offer you gems, but a number of them will; albeit you don’t get gems, you’ll get some nice goodies for free of charge , with each successive login meaning better-quality rewards.

You also get free gems within the game for unlocking new birds and new enemies — we’ll get to the new birds part a touch afterward during this guide, but we will tell you right off the bat that you simply do get gems for unlocking these characters. While you’ll get more gems for rarer/more powerful characters, you’ve got to recollect that Angry Birds Evolution does make use of the gacha system in most cases; most of the time, you’re counting on chance, and not on choice or a hard and fast reward. With all the birds and enemies available to unlock during this game, we’re sure you’ll be ready to earn plenty of gems this manner .

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