June 2, 2020
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Game of Thrones: Conquest- Top Tips You Should Know

Game of Thrones, the series may have just bound up its seventh season, so how about giving Warner Bros.’ new game, Game of Thrones: Conquest, a try because the excruciating await the eighth season has been happening for a couple of weeks now? the sport is now available for iOS devices in certain countries, with an Android version coming soon, and if you’re wondering what you’ll expect during this title, it’s an MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game) where you lead your own house and gather enough resources and units, forging alliances with other human players, and managing threats from your many rivals within the game.

As is that the case in most the other city builder/base management/MMORTS game, it’s tough to find out things during this new title. There’s much more you would like to find out about how the sport works, and about the way to proceed further once you’ve reached a particular point. But you would like not fear if you’re a first-time player — our Game of Thrones: Conquest strategy guide is specifically written for beginners, so keep it up reading if you’ve just downloaded this game, and aren’t sure what to try to to next, or the way to affect certain situations.


This is one among the very first few belongings you are going to be learning in GoT: Conquest, and more or less one among the primary belongings you should confine mind in most games of this type . The quests during this game are basic tasks which you’ll complete by naturally playing the sport , and you’ll access them, also as view the recommended quest to finish next, near rock bottom of the screen. Click on Tyrion’s avatar to look at the list of quests — from there, you’ll manually choose quests you would like to finish and click on on “Go To” so you’ll be directly taken to the location of the search .

Completing quests, quite obviously, helps you rise up to hurry , as these tasks confirm that your city is usually up so far . But apart from that, you’ll earn plenty of rewards, mainly food and wood, but including another items (as well because the aforementioned resources) after a given number of quests. The latter special reward initially comes after every four quests, then after every six, then after every eight, then on; confirm you’re always performing on quests while playing the sport , as you wouldn’t want to urge lost within the shuffle!


Although Tyrion’s quests are the simplest thanks to get resources in many instances, your city could also produce its own food and wood through farms and sawmills respectively. we might recommend upgrading both buildings whenever doing so is among the choices within the quests list, though you’ll also do the upgrades on your own. the previous , however, remains the more recommended course of action, as you won’t just be improving the assembly rates of your farms and/or sawmills, but also earning the standard quest completion rewards.


If you venture outside of your city, you’ll see the various houses represented by other players, but we won’t go yet into the part where we mention attacking these houses/cities. As we’re still on the subject of resources, you’ll also mobilize your troops to collect resources — just search for the points on the map that have the “Gather” option, and choose the troops you would like to send off on the gathering march. Normally, this is able to mean gathering more food, but no matter what the resource in question is, you’ll expect to bring back quite good haul by keeping your soldiers busy with such a march. we might normally advise that you simply simply ask your troops to collect resources while you’re sleeping; the opposite good thing here is that you won’t lose these troops within the event of an enemy attack!


Many base-building or RTS games have a 24- to 48-hour period of immunity to start out new players off. During this era they can’t be attacked by opposing players, and thereupon ceasefire in mind, newbies are advised to figure on building their base and getting it up to hurry also as learn game mechanics in order that they will be as ready as possible for the important “meat” of the sport .

In GoT: Conquest, the bad news is that you’ll only be started off with an 8-hour “Peace Shield” where you can’t be attacked by enemy houses. But the great news is that you simply can get more Peace Shields as you progress through the sport . These would usually be more within the two- to four-hour range, and that we would recommend that you simply save them for emergency situations, like instances once you could also be low on resources, or at a substantially lower level than the house you would like to attack, but got to catch up without having to stress about other players attacking you.


As we mentioned above, once you’re outside of your city, you’ll be ready to view a bigger map that has all of your neighboring houses and their respective cities. Your first instinct could also be to attack any of those cities willy-nilly, especially if you see that you’re at a way higher level than they’re . (As this is often a replacement game, it’s not uncommon to ascertain cities controlled by players who are only at level 1.) But before you attack, it’s imperative that you simply send someone bent scout the town this may allow you to urge information on the resources they store, and therefore the number of troops they need . Obviously, you would like to attack if you’ve got the manpower advantage against a weak house — that’s just about cut-and-dry, though we’ll advance to something similar in only a touch . But when it involves the resources, that’s once you got to give pause and check some numbers out for yourself.

What you’ll want to try to to here is to travel to your Storehouse, which is found next to your Keep. Click on the data button, then on the tiny “i” icon, and you’ll be directed to a chart that shows you ways much resources are often protected by a Storehouse of every level. this is able to generally be in line with, if not just like opposing players’ levels, so if you’re getting to attack A level 4 player that has 320,000 in food, you’ll plow ahead and do so, as you’ll likely be getting 35,000 food if you finish up victorious. (Level 4 Storehouses can protect up to 285,000 food.) On the opposite hand, if said player’s food is at 250,000, you won’t get anything, albeit you win.


The Teleport function is out there outside your city, and it allows you to go to a safer a part of the map. Now if you’ve knocked off some impressive competition, likelihood is that you’ll have a bulls-eye of sorts on you, with everyone within the immediate vicinity. You don’t want to be a target, and you don’t want people attacking you while your back is turned. Also, you simply have numerous Piece Shields to use. Don’t make yourself an excessive amount of a target — we recommend teleporting to the sides of the most map, Not too many players would go there at now within the game’s existence, which suggests you’ve got a far better chance of surviving longer, or more peacefully within the tough world that’s the GoT: Conquests battlefield.

** 7. specialise in TRAINING RARER TROOPS

You normally won’t need to worry about this an excessive amount of if you’re new the sport . But as you retain leveling up, you’ll unlock more sorts of troops, and these troop types would be of a progressively higher rarity than the common ones you started with. Since you’ll likely be facing tougher competition at that time you ought to begin that specialize in training the stronger and therefore the rarer, regardless if you’re training at the Barracks, the Stable, or the Range. Rarity is extremely important here, because if an opponent has less manpower, but more higher-tier troops than you are doing , that opponent will likely beat you thanks to the aforementioned advantage. the instant you get access to a better tier of troop type, specialise in training more people of that type so you’ll have an identical advantage in battle.


A House’s power is measured by the stat you see on the highest center of your screen, and you’ll notice it goes up whenever you’re victorious in battle, or after completing certain quests. you’ll overlook this initially , but it’s getting to be more important once you begin attacking and raiding opponents. Always take your power rating under consideration , and if you would like to ascertain an opponent’s power, just click on a house, then on Lord’s Details.

In GoT: Conquest, you would like to attack those houses that have a significantly lower power than you are doing , and not just slightly lower. This might sound sort of a cop-out of a technique , but thanks to the game’s mechanics as they currently stand, it’s what you would like to try to to to make sure yourself a far better chance of victory. Some have said this is often because players whose houses you attack would be ready to heal their wounded troops within the background; your troops, on the opposite hand, could get killed in battle, with no chance for you to heal their wounds at the Medic Tent.


GoT: Conquest wouldn’t be a city-builder worth its salt unless it didn’t have some social features. What we’re mainly talking about here is that the choice to join an Allegiance, which you’ll treat tapping on the red banner button on the rightmost a part of rock bottom menu. Now the deeper mechanics of the Allegiance feature are a touch out of the scope of this beginner’s guide, but we will definitely cite some Allegiance basics for first-time players, like the importance of selecting a lively Allegiance where most of the members regularly play the sport also because the main benefit, which is to offer you a group of allies that would assist you call at the tougher battles. Being a part of an Allegiance also allows you to require part in Allegiance Rallies, where you’ll team together with your fellow members, not only to attack enemy keeps, but also the vaunted Seats of Power.


Coins aren’t easy to return by in GoT: Conquest. You’ll get a comparative ton of them early within the game, but as you progress, it’s getting to become harder to earn a considerable amount of coins. meaning the last item you would like to spend them is automatic completion of any given task. It’s best to only grin and bear it, or to easily wait it out, but if you actually can’t wait, the sport is extremely liberal in giving out speed-ups. Typically, you’ll win them as a part of the search completion rewards, and if you employ them, they might remove a couple of minutes of the wait time for any number of tasks.

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